The season for melons in Spain is summer, so during winter Escrig selects the best tropical melons in Brazil, especially those of the Piel de Sapo variety (oval shaped, dark green skin and greenish white flesh), and imports them for its clients. This variety is one of the favourite of the Spanish public.
These melons are grown in north-eastern Brazil, near Ecuador, in optimum weather conditions. Escrig Gourmet imports melons from November until the end of spring, when the season starts in the Spanish production areas.
Although Spanish consumers are very faithful to melons from Cartagena and La Mancha during the summer, the off season means we can enjoy this fruit all year round.
In our country, oranges are found during the cold months. Escrig Hermanos ensures this fruit can be enjoyed fresh during all 12 months of the year. To do this, oranges are imported, especially from South Africa, during summer and early autumn, only during the off season for Spanish oranges.
Spain is one of the largest producers of oranges. The quality and flavour of the varieties of Valencian oranges, which ripen in the fields, and the clementines that Escrig Gourmet harvests and markets, is always very good.
The fields of Murcia are another of the sources of Escrig products. National oranges and clementines are marketed from mid-autumn until spring.
Some experts do not hesitate when they say that the best melons in the world are those from Murcia. Thus, melons from Murcia, especially Cartagena, are amongst those selected for Escrig Hermanos. These melons are marketed from June until mid July. One of the best-known varieties from this area is ''Nicolás''.
From the middle of July, the melons sold by Escrig are grown in La Mancha. These melons are generally larger than those from Murcia because the heat favours their growth. The ''Sancho'' variety, with a good reputation due to its quality and flavour, comes from this area.
Water melons from Escrig are grown mainly in Almeria, the great producer of this fruit in Spain.


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